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Corpus Planning - Language PLanning - (Writings, Books)

Just take peaks of some book outlines,

the first book maybe to nice, so looks not so interesting, but from guy who has written a lot, not jet sure why he is not more direct about situations but still, seems important to be to mention here:

 DO NOT Leave Your Language Alone: The Hidden Status Agendas Within Corpus Planning in Language Policy Hardcover – March 7, 2006

"This book provides a new look at corpus planning. As one of the most important figures in language planning, the author tries to build a broad, integrative framework of corpus planning in written language and discusses many cases of language planning in detail. His efforts are very useful for understanding the essentials of language planning in general, and political/social factors in the activities in language planning in particular." -- Linguist List, 10/09/2007

Language Planning and Social Change Paperback – January 26, 1990

This book describes the ways in which politicians, church officials, generals, and other leaders try to influence our use of language. Using many examples, Professor Cooper argues that language planning is never attempted for its own sake, but rather for the attainment of nonlinguistic ends. Examples discussed include the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language, feminist campaigns to eliminate sexist bias in language, adult literacy campaigns, the plain language movement, efforts to distinguish American from British spelling, the American bilingual education movement, the creation of writing systems for unwritten languages, and campaigns to rid languages of foreign terms. This is the first book to define the field of language planning and relate it to other aspects of social planning and to social change.

Language planning:

Corpus planning: Corpus planning is involved with creating standards for a language, such as spelling and grammar, or to create dictionaries. Linguistic purity is about avoiding foreign influences to a language because they are seen as bad.
// (or a words that remind history, nature deeper truths or religious realizations are replaced or changed by Corpus Planning if it is done by forgiven forces not in interest of saving historical truths and spirit, this has been done from Greek-Roman times openly )
Jump to Corpus planning - Corpus planning refers to the prescriptive intervention in the forms of a language, whereby planning decisions are made to engineer changes in the structure of the language.---

corpus planning communism

Multilingualism in Post-Soviet Countries

Undoing and Redoing Corpus Planning


War and peace Ukrainian and Russian in Ukraine Alexander Krouglov
The closing years of the 20th century provided increasing evidence of how changes in the political and socio-economic structures influence or sometimes even determine linguistic structure and/or behaviour. For this purpose the linguistic situation in Ukraine and the position of Ukrainian and Russian are examined in the period since the independence of the country in 1991 when rapid shifts in political, economic and cultural spheres have made a significant impact on language planning.

// ( also keep in mind, as was 1/3 of other culture people bring in to Estonia and forced them to stay "as Estonians" in passport (at same time these people was kept in a information bubble to stay against values of Estonia by pre implanted story so with in 50+ years majority of them in purpose have not learned their new country language, same was in Ukraine, where proper Ukraine people and others natives was forcibly removed and replaced with Russified people to be used in future "liberation" as it happens now, this was planned more then 80 years ago. As by that time the new generation will feel as they would be in fact proper citizens of that land and will fight in passion but thing by the program that was kept in these locations running  in media and in made up stories with purpose to keep them in spirit away from proper natives.  ) ) // something like that in simplified way.
(extra reading, just flow of bit of mind, can skip that as it is not professional and a bit biased for now)
the 300 000 Russians in country of 900 000 Estonians are still waiting to be liberated (with rest of the country) as the major political party and most media channels who try to be non religious are falling in to same trap as in Isreal where people are choosing between communist or capitalist side (now called social and business) but these sides are run by same powers in aim to eradicate the knowledge of the plants and matriarchy based monarchy and religions.  (and implement all the machines that comes with one and remove all the medicine and knowledge freedom  that comes with other one).
In reality,  there was NO India, or Russian and maybe even no China people (must look up that one) these was big arias concurred for the reason to eliminate all the nations inside it with a time. In soviet time about 50 nations and cultures was removed from existence by forced breeding and relocating. Kind of same way that was done in Shout Africa also for the reasons to keep locals in fight with each other (ones who own the land actually and are made look as invaders and the "locals" who was implemented there, who have no other home and who are told about others who want to take their home away, and with in time they mix or will keep a line so they can be spotted out and used some other methods in next 50 years if force and cookie and situations did not help (loads of suppressed and over sold sex simultaneously!) ) .. like in Estonia now they plan to bring 50 000 sexually active, other color, culture and mentality people under slogan that we have "not enough people".  Mostly for the reason, as the second war 300 000 people was not successful for eliminating culture in peace time as we did not mix. German women suffered another hard fate for resisting to much and letting to be manipulated in to resistance against Religion.
Religion is only force that You can demand to be correct by using truth. No one else has no obligations to moral truths and nature (in that extent, for sure if included God given entheogens and put them in to action. Virtually all people who are victims of what they call "western education" is actually Greek-Roman and Soviet education system, in deep under. It is really important to understand if we want to start to see any truth at all. Soviet union did not go anywhere, did not perish, it just got so global and secure about size that there was no slogan like that, now there is another slogans... and then there will be another ones (maybe even "environment" and "spiritual purity" or "world peace" they will try to use and in final stage.. as this no one would be allowed to fight against.. first they just want to make sur e, none of the old history will be alive or knowledge about plants that show by high spirits and high self what is really going on, much like the movie Limitless minus side effects other then this what is normal and needed, when making so big change. IN these plants all information we can access what to eat, how to build and how to be with a women ) ).

Martin Luther King is one of.. look what he told about people thanks to who he had a religion first at all..... he told "Jew have to be eliminated all" (something like that, but in more bad language) .. and he branch of region is taken as normal in current world... if that gives you a picture what is going on... Jewish was and is matriarchal. this can not go with a Greek-Roman  homo minded (and other dark spirits) mind set if to look in harsh way (but for sure, there is  more species to take in to account.. reasons... troubles... not want to make mistake to blame any one or one, but just telling.. look what they did in their time.  )...
 there is small doc in here that am will update later on that site, to be proper, that compares one and another mind set, this helps to set clear also current Planers mindsets and aims:

So in real books again:

Language Planning and Policy in Europe: The Baltic States, Ireland and Italy

 edited by Robert B. Kaplan, Richard B. Baldauf, Jr.


Multilingualism (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics   Jan 31, 2015
"The authors of this book demonstrate that multilingualism is as old as humanity itself. Language and politics have always been intertwined, creating amazing and conflictual complexity ... This is a very clear and highly informative book."
Jean-Marc Dewaele, Birkbeck, University of London

Book Description
Using a multidisciplinary approach, this book explores how multilingualism is shaped by a variety of factors such as globalisation and migration. It examines language use in a range of cultural contexts, exploring how children and adults become multilingual and the impact of multilingualism on society and identity.

About the Author
Anat Stavans is a Professor in Applied Linguistics at Beit Berl College and a researcher at the Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Charlotte Hoffmann was formerly Reader in Sociolinguistics at the University of Salford, UK.

Few more peeks from
Joshua A. Fishman
click to enlarge images:

So,  and to keep in mind:  Main political parties in Jews Land is communist and capitalists that pretend to be opposites while one by one they eliminate real Jewish culture and beliefs
( here is a list of political parties: they even have factual pure communist party, with a name of that, in Jew land.. party that main ideology was to eliminate ALL Abraham religion roots. Also making up myths like Jews was in a was schemes of war, but you can see easy how much of a Jew these parties are, with shaved beard and a tie, demanding Acient Greek rights..   )

(just a bits and by far not all, but a start to take in to picture..)
It does not take braininess to figure out what is going on, once You add in to code also that any country that does not support openly, biblical law is in a work FOR aims of same spirits that Narmans (who made Russia to prevent proper religious monarchy rising) and Soviets:
So to keep in heart: ""For a few years, Soviet Jews were allowed to use Yiddish in Jewish schools and to publish Yiddish and Hebrew newspapers. However, synagogues were closed down. In fact, while Yiddish and Hebrew were tolerated, or at least encouraged, the official policy was to use these languages as instruments to effect the total assimilation of the Jews. Thus, while the Soviet government officially condemned anti-Semitism, it aimed at eradicating the Jewish faith.""

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